Awaking The Creatures Within

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"Imagine squeezing all the space out of an atom. If you did that to all the atoms in all the people in the world, you could fit the entire human race in the volume of a sugar cube. This is because matter is incredibly, mind-bogglingly empty. An atom is like a miniature Solar System, with a tiny nucleus orbited by distant electrons. Physicists refer to the maximum compressed mass of an object (e.g. the entire human race) by a number called the Schwarzschild radius. Once mass collapses below this point, light cannot escape and the object is no longer visible and becomes a black hole. The Schwarzschild radius was named after the German astronomer Karl Schwarzschild who calculated this exact solution for the theory of general relativity in 1915. Amazingly, Schwarzschild made these discoveries while simultaneously serving as a German army lieutenant on the Russian front during the first world war."

- From the Encyclopaedia Brittanica (via reagancharlescook)

My opinions on immigration.

I think that instead of letting all the immigrants into other countries and focusing on that,  we should focus on helping and improving the countries they come from so they wouldn’t want to leave nor have any need to, there is enough food to feed the world, the concept of money is ruining peoples morals and humanity. They are to greedy to help others, fix the poverty and “war” and the rest will fix itself.  In the mean time, boarders should be abolished because regardless of citizenship we’re all the same and no human is “illegal”. However it should be a world wide effort so it is balanced.